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  • No Control: there is no control in the sale by the event manager or by the marketer.
  • Fraud: currently you can duplicate the times you want any physical ticket and sell by any point of sale (Webs).
  • No Transparency: it does not exist between the seller and the buyer.
  • Lack of Security in data management: the management of a buyer personal data is not secure, it remains centralized.
  • Slow: current systems are slow when buying a ticket.
  • Difficult Access: the entrance to the site is slow and with manual and unreliable controls.


  • A decentralized platform that executes intelligent contracts joining blockchain and face recognition.

    This platform allows any event manager to control the following features:

  • Direct sale without intermediaries.
  • Security Control.
  • Not falsifiable.
  • Access Control.
  • Sales Between Users.


Functional analysis of all areas contemplates the platform.

Development of the web. Creation of communication areas.

Preparation of ICO

Creation of ICO platform, Token ERC20 and Smart Contracts.

Pre-sale of tokens begins and beta 1.0 is released.

Private sale to investors and investment funds venture capital begins.

The ICO ends and the "KUIKCOIN" is listed in exchanges.

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